United Way of Delaware's Tocqueville Society was founded in 1991 to recognize individuals whose philanthropic generosity reaches extraordinary levels. These donors are exceptional community stewards, motivated by the desire to improve the lives of all Delawareans.

By making contributions of $10,000 or more annually, nearly 300 Tocqueville Society members ensure that we close the gap between society's needs and the human service programs that offer solutions to those needs.


United Way of Delaware's Young Tocqueville Society was founded in 1999 as an initiative of the larger Tocqueville Society to attract new energy and vision to the benefits of philanthropy.

The Society is open to Tocqueville members ages 45 and younger. Its mission is to shape the future of philanthropy in our community through United Way of Delaware.

For more information about United Way of Delaware's Tocqueville and Young Tocqueville Societies, please email or call 302-573-3700.