United Way of Delaware's Speakers Bureau provides knowledgeable speakers on a year-round, who will educate and motivate audiences to give, advocate and volunteer. Through compelling stories and statistics, community speakers help audiences recognize how they can help mobilize the community by investing in education, income and health-related activities and causes.

We are proud to offer a diverse selection of speakers from agencies, corporate and community leadership, and Combined Campaigns (federal and state employee giving campaigns).

Agency Speakers
Comprised of executive directors, managers and volunteers of United Way-funded agencies who share how partnership with United Way of Delaware is helping solve our community's most pressing health and human service needs.

Leadership Speakers
Comprised of various agency, corporate and community leaders, who believe in and support United Way of Delaware's efforts to lead, inspire and motivate organizations and volunteers to help improve the quality of life for all Delawareans.

Combined Campaign Speakers
Comprised of representatives selected from the respective Combined Campaign's list of eligible agencies (which may or may not include United Way partner agencies). The primary focus of the Combined Campaign speakers is to promote giving in general, although they will focus on their respective organizations and the other federations involved. (These speakers are used for federal and state giving campaigns only).

To request or volunteer for the Speakers Bureau, please email Mary Morgan (mmorgan@uwde.org) or call 302-573-3724.